Oct 1, 2014

Wino Wednesday

Happy October!  Does it seem totally crazy to anyone else that it is October already?  Mine and Avery's birthdays are coming up next week and the shopping freeze is over, so you all know what I will be up to!  Today, it's time to talk about another one of my favorite topics: le vino.  Wine.  Nectar of the Gods.  Thank goodness for my girl Amanda and her healthy love of the good stuff too!

I know it's Fall and I should be moving on to reds, but I just can't quit Rosé.  I have one Rosé I am pretty much head over heels in love with... Whispering Angel.  I know. That name.  It's memorable.  So is the wine.  If I had to pick a single wine that came to mind anytime someone asked me what my favorite was, this would be it, hands down.

She's so pretty isn't she?  This is a blend of Grenache, Rolle, Cinsault, Syrah and Mourvedre grapes.  It is fresh and fruity and bone dry to the taste.  Basically, it tastes like heaven.  Try it, you can thank me later.

Speaking of wine, how pretty is this wine rack my dear friend gifted us as a housewarming gift?  She is sitting front and center, ready to be filled with Whispering Angel.  Seriously, this is the prettiest wine rack I have laid my eyes on.  

And a quick snap of my own little Whispering Angel. HA, like she could ever whisper.  She only talks at FULL VOLUME 24/7.  Unless an adult asks her a question.  But, I digress.  Happy Wednesday!

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Sep 30, 2014


1. Asos Tee Shirt with Organza Hem I could not love this more.  The hem is absolute perfection and it can go from fun day time to shirt to night out shirt. //  2. BaubleBar Bronte Drop Earrings I love a fun, colored earring and BaubleBar never disappoints!  //  3. Rebecca Minkoff Sunglasses Pouch I am pretty anal about keeping my sunglasses in the case, but no one wants to be hauling around a massive case all of the time.  How cute is this little number? //  4. Rag and Bone Harrow Bootie I have been eyeing these for well over a year.  The price tag hurts, so if I see them on sale it may be the time to finally save up and splurge on them. //  5. Madewell Blanket Scarf Because there are never too many blanket scarves, right? //  6. Forever21 Chiffon Sweater Can you tell I am all about evening materials in my daytime clothes?  This is so fun and different!

Happy shopping!

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Sep 29, 2014

Baseball Tee

Growing up, I played softball for many years and had an undying love for baseball (still do.)  Baseball tee shirts make my heart go pitter patter for so many reasons, including their easy fit, the contrast of the sleeves and body, and years of happy memories.  When I spotted this one I knew I had to have it.  Paired with some perfectly worn in jeans and my favorite sneakers, it makes for the ultimate weekend look.  The best part? You can get the shirt on super sale now!

Have a fabulous day!
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Sep 27, 2014

Saturday Sales

I thought it was time to start a new series after the great response to the Labor Day sales.  Who doesn't love a sale? I know I do, but I hate weeding through the ten zillion junk emails I get to see if it is what I want to shop or not.  Let me know if you like these posts or not!

30% with code PICKASALE

30% off with code PINCHME

Banana Republic
$25 off $100 with code BEHERENOW

Saks Fifth Avenue
Spend and Save with code SEPT2014

40% off everything, no code needed

Old Navy
25% off with code ONSAVENOW

Williams Sonoma
20% off clearance with code SAVENOW

Happy shopping and have a fabulous weekend!

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Sep 26, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday lovelies! I'm linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites (it has been a minute!)  Let's dive right in...

I have been buying this from HomeGoods on the reg for the last couple of years and I love it.  It's a great, light, sweetener and it has a lower sugar content than most agave's.  I love it on oatmeal, bananas, in coffee and for baking.  I highly recommend snatching this up if you see it!

This was my favorite outfit all week.  I think I could live in shorts and sweaters.  They are my favorite two things to wear together ever.  I also felt the urge to bust out a super old school nylon Prada bag.  Sometimes I really miss the early 2000's.
Sweater (I'm OBSESSED)
Shorts (also obsessed)

My favorite looks this week... I wore a LOT of workout clothes/glorified sweats this week.

This article  on foods you should be eating for a flat stomach.  I'll be eating these all day every day now!

pillow to prevent wrinkles?  Apparently, we all need to be sleeping on our backs to prevent aging.  Good thing I am a tummy sleeper (fail!)

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!
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Sep 25, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday! Today is Avery's first day off from school since it started and I am so excited to get a little one on one time with her when Greyson is in school this morning.  I think we all know that just means a trip to the nail salon... mother/daughter bonding at its most primitive level!  But, on to other topics... like our house.  This never-ending project that seems to take up almost all of my time these days.  There are still boxes everywhere and rooms that are completely untouched, but we are gradually (say it with me again, g r a d u a l l y) making a tiny dent in it.  

I love the light in the house and the super light white and grey theme we have going on.  I'm lucky to have a close friend with most amazing taste and a husband who is handy with a level.  I desperately need new curtains in the living room (top) and have no idea what I want in there.  Any and all tips are welcome!  I'm also ridiculously excited about the white mini buffet/sideboard in the bottom picture that came yesterday.  I have been waiting for that baby to arrive for weeks and it brings the dining room together so well... and holds a whole lot of wine glasses (priorities, people!)

Here are my inspiration snaps that I can't stop thinking about right now...

all images via

So, what do you all think... pops of color or a nice neutral palette with dark wood as my occasional pop of color?

Have a fabulous day!

*linking up with my girls Natalie and Annie
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Sep 24, 2014

Fall Fashion

If you have stepped outside somewhere in the lovely Northeast recently, you are well aware that it is Fall.  Fall, my beloved Fall.  Not only do you bring pumpkin spice fairies and the most perfectly crisp vest-wearing weather, you bring my absolute favorite fashion season.  You can mix heavy and light, sandals and boots, pants and shorts, sweaters and tanks.  It's basically like the entire closet screams "wear me!"  Here is what's calling my name for Fall 2014...

all images via

This year I am all about the cozy knits, layers, tartans and hunting down the most perfect bootie.  And, yes, I believe in white after Labor Day!

Happy Fall!

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