Jul 3, 2015

July Fourth Shopaholic

Can you guys believe that tomorrow is the 4th?!  I cannot believe it.  Like, total shock that Summer is already flying by this fast!  I love, love, love July fourth.  I love barbeques, and Summer drinks and frolicking in the fields with fireworks overhead after a long day at the pool.  Ahhh, sweet, sweet Summer.

Do you know what else I like?  Red, white and blue.  Seriously, such a fantastic color combination (way to go America!)  My personal favorite is blue and white with a pop of red, but I also think red is one of those colors that you put on and BAM, you feel sassy and confident.

I put together a little shopping list of things I own and/or want to own and wear this weekend.  The fun starts today!

Have a fabulous weekend celebrating babes!


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Jul 2, 2015

The Pleated Maxi Dress - At a Steal!

I walk a thin line between loving a great deal on something and wanting to invest in the highest quality I can.  Sure, the latter isn't very budget friendly, but when I do invest in an item I always have it for years.  

However, there is something to be said about a fanfreakingtastic deal on something that isn't even a trendy item.  Something cute, flattering, and under $25.  What is that item you ask?  Oh, it just happens to be this dress.  It's on sale now, so it is under $25.  In my opinion, it looks like it cost significantly more, and with the added tie that comes with it, can be worn multiple ways, and dressed up or down, giving it even more bang for your buck.  

I dressed this up with my favorite dressy sandals (a splurge item) and fun accessories.  This could easily be dressed down by tying the middle and wearing fun flat sandals.  Oh, Target, you little weasel, you get me every time!

Dress, Target // Shoes, Stuart Weitzman // Clutch, Clare V. // Bracelet, J.Crew

I'm also eyeing this other pleated maxi dress from Target.  

Have a fabulous day and make sure to send any fun Target finds my way, because, the more the merrier!


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Jul 1, 2015

Wino Wednesday: Summer Essentials

Happy Wino Wednesday lovelies!  Today is my favorite day of the month when my girl Amanda and I link up to talk about what wines we are loving!  This month we are so excited to have Pinky co-host with us.

This month I am all about Summer (duh) - Summer food, Summer clothes, and Summer VINO.  I have been craving chilled, light wines and decided to round up a list of my absolute favorites to sip on in the Summer!

Narrowing this down to four was pretty hard, because, I REALLY like wine and I really like it in the Summer.  I thought about the bottles I always grab when I see them, time and time again, and these are the top four that are basically in my fridge or wine rack at any given time.

This is by far my favorite Riesling.  It is light, not too sweet, and super refreshing on a hot day.  We all know I am a sucker for a cute bottle too, plus a screw top that makes for easy drinkability?  Yes, please!  Doesn't this just scream I'm a bottle of Summer, drink me?

Nine times out of ten I grab this bottle when I am shopping for Prosecco.  I don't think I have ever once ordered it in a restaurant or bar, but it is my go-to in store.  It's not overly sweet, is very light (do you see a trend here?) and mixes really well with other beverages.  Such a great bubble alone or in a cocktail!

Speaking of bubbles... this little number has some fizz or sparkle to it, which makes it the most fun wine to sip on! You can make a mean spritzer with it, or just sip it on its own.  It makes a Summer evening seem even more special.  { read more about my thoughts on it here }

And the angels sang because this is my holy grail.  Really, there is nothing better to me than a glass of the WA.  It is my favorite, and I don't care if you don't like it, I freaking love it.  It makes me way too happy.  I just need a little sip of it and I am content.  I may have an open bottle next to me whilst typing...  But that is neither here nor there.  Seriously, this is my favorite Rose and I have yet find one that I like better.  { read more about my thoughts on it here }

Ok, so the open bottle is empty.  But you get the idea and why it is wink, wink.

Now, it's your turn! Find a bottle that you love, grab the button and link up below!  We love having you and I have gotten so many great recommendations from you ladies!

Have a fabulous day!


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Jun 30, 2015


If you follow me on Instagram then you probably noticed that the kids and I were on vacation the past week.  We spent the week in Captiva Island with my parents (Josh was working.)  

Flying with two little kids alone is always an adventure, as is finding a way to pack clothes for all three of us and enough toys/pool floats/snacks to keep everyone satisfied.  We did it, though!  Without school hanging over us, Avery actually let loose and had fun and we enjoyed the pools and endless sunshine.

We always stay at the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island (on the Gulf.)  We go a few times per year and have been visiting there for ten plus years.  This is definitely one of our happy, happy places!  If you have any questions about it, always feel free to shoot me an email to pinkfabby@gmail.com.

I try to drag my kids on the earliest flights I can find in the hopes that they will fall back asleep.  Semi success.

One of my favorite parts about our resort is that they have an awesome swim school and the kids take swimming lessons and always come home having learned so much.  

Hair braiding and glitter tattoos were all the rage with the kiddos at the pool this trip.  All I could think of when I looked at Avery was the episode of Friends when Monica gets her hair braided - you totally know what I'm talking about!

Hot, balmy weather basically screams for Rose.  Every day.

We make it a point to watch the amazing sunsets every night that the weather allows.  This was the first trip that both kids were eagerly looking forward to it nightly!

Palm trees make me so happy.  Like ridiculously happy and I am meant to live amongst them again.  I miss all of you this past week! Our internet and WiFi was spotty at best so I am a bit behind, but being away from the blogosphere for even a week feels like a lifetime!

I couldn't forget my two favorite looks for this trip....

I lived in these shorts - and they're on sale!  

I was so grossly hot one night and really wanted to wear this shirt and the sleeves just weren't working for me.  I tucked them in, and voila, it was a super cute sleeveless top!  More bang for my buck right there!

Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


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Jun 29, 2015

Reading List Pt. 3

Happy Monday my lovelies!  I'm still playing catch up from a week away... and I may have gone off on a decluttering/cleaning bender over the weekend that I am trying to climb my way out of.  In lieu of that, I need to do some good old fashioned relaxing asap!  What better way to relax than with a good book, or say an iPad filled with delicious links?

1.  15 Eating Habits That Make You Live Longer
I'm not sure if they will actually make you live longer, but I do believe they will help increase your current health level.

2.  Costco is the New King of Organic Groceries
Who knew the best place to buy organic was Costco?

3.  24 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Better About the World
This one brought me to tears a couple of times, especially the last story.  A little faith in humanity and acts of kindness is the best thing to read about.

4. Why Most Diets Fail
Gwynnie knows it.  Deep down, I know it too, I just usually turn a blind eye and eat a cupcake (wink, wink.)
5.  Olivia Palermo's Beauty Tips
I have always girl crushed on OP's classic, uptown chic style and her beauty tips are as classic as she is.
6. 6 Tips to Cut the Junk Food Habit
These are awesome tips that I need to remember when I get my salty/sweet cravings!

7.  Toy Goes on Airport Adventure
A sweet story about a lost stuffed animal.  I love anything that reminds us how good humanity is.

Happy reading!

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Jun 19, 2015

The Cut Out Maxi

Happy Friday babes!  Today is all about one of my new favorite maxi dresses, this guy.  It is available in a bunch of colors, but I love the blue myself.  I never thought I would be ok with wearing a cut out dress, but when it is about 150 percent humidity out and 90 degrees on top of it, this lightweight number makes it totally okay.  Despite the maxi filled with lots of material, this dress is light and airy.  The cut outs are surprisingly flattering and the material allows you to breathe.  For the Forever21 price, this is a no-brainer and something I know I will be wearing all Summer long!

Dress Forever21 // Shoes Tory Burch  //  Clutch Clare V.  //  Bracelet Miansai  //  Earrings, old BaubleBar

This is my last post for a little bit - I am taking next week off to spend on vacation with my parents and my bambinos!  You can keep up on Instagram and Twitter!  July is going to be a BIG month at P and F, so make sure you check back for giveaways and some fun new changes!

Have a fabulous weekend (and week!) babes!

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Jun 18, 2015


Happy Thursday lovelies!  This week's shopping round up is here!  Apparently it is a grey and blue kind of week (I blame the rainy start to it.)  These babies aren't only being eyed by moi, so get them while you can!  

I have a pair of these from last year, and oh my word are they comfortable.  I love that they have them available in solids now, making them a great investment for Summers to come!

I also just got my hands on these pajamas and they are so soft and cool - a major plus when you don't have AC! Speaking of things that I ordered, this dress is on its way to me and I am hoping it fits as well as it looks like it does.  

5.Sandals  6.Tank  7.Dress  8.Blouse

Happy shopping!


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