Dec 30, 2010

New Year's Eve outfits

I can't believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve and 2010 and is almost over!  So many things happened this year... I decided to start my own business and a blog, and go back to finish my post-graduate degree, my bebe stopped being a bebe and became a little girl... I'd say it was a productive year!  I also managed to squeeze in some shopping ;)  So on that note, New Year's Eve is always the perfect excuse to dress up!  I have a few outfit ideas that I wanted to share with you guys!

Look One
New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve by pinkfabby featuring a paper skirt

I have a few Neiman Marcus giftcards burning a hole in my purse and I am thinking of getting the Balenciaga bag in black (I have it in brown).  I love my JCrew sparkle skirt and a similar drapey black top I got at M.Frederic for under $40!

Dec 28, 2010

Daily Dose of Pink Inspiration

I LOVE this look! It's on my to-re-create list!

I have always loved pairing turquoise jewelry with hot pink, but throwing some leopard in the mix makes it feisty and fierce!

Red Nails

If you haven't yet figured out, I adore NailEZEE's line of polishes.  I am currently sporting this holiday appropriate shady of sparkly red!

Dec 27, 2010

New logo!

Hi lovies!

So a little after Christmas fun (at least for moi!) Here is our new logo! What do you all think?

Thank you to the always fabulous Ashley Brooke Designs! She is amazing and you can read her blog and browse her goodies here!

Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas lovies!  Some pink holiday inspiration to make your day a little brighter :)

Images courtesy of We Heart It

Dec 24, 2010

Pink Christmas!

From Lonny Mag... my dream tree!

Our pink Christmas card with my bebes in pink anchor outfits!

The only pink wrapping paper I could find!  I need to hunt for it earlier next year.

Dec 23, 2010

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Some catching up

I realized I have all of these files sitting on my computer waiting for me to use so I thought I would post a couple of quick outfits, etc!

JCrew cardi and Minnie pants, Banana Republic double belt, Victoria's Secret top, Gucci flats, Stella and Dot necklace; Bebe is wearing a Target dress and sandals

BCBG skirt and sparkle belt, M.Frederic top, Dior shoes

Green nails for the holidays!  

I am obsessed with the sparkle belt that I got from BCBG - I need to take another picture and post it because I cannot get enough of this belt!  Please disregard my nasty wet fro in the top pictures.  I was having a SERIOUSLY bad hair day.  It looks a hot mess in the skirt picture (hubs work holiday party) as well.  I am in need of change for it.  I can't decide if I should go super blonde (ala me pre-bebe) or just die it really dark so I will match the rest of my family members.  Thoughts?  I am currently wearing my nails in NailEZEE's Key Lime Pie.  I am obsessed with their polishes, like step aside OPI and Essie because I have found a new lovah and it is NailEZEE.  You can get their polishes here!

Dec 22, 2010


So I have seen a bunch of different pics of LC rocking these JCrew boots around rainy LA the last couple of weeks but I cannot seem to find them anywhere on JCrew's site or in any of the three stores I have "happened" to just pop in to.  I think they are perf for rain or everyday! 

If you know anything about these boots please email me!  I have such a boot obsession going on this year.  I just did a quick count and there are seven pairs in my current rotation, but I am still searching for the perfect super tall and straight pair and the perfect over the knee pair.  Here's a recent OOTD with one of my fave new pairs by Naughty Monkey.

Romeo and Juliet tee, Target l/s tee and leggings, Naughty Monkey boots, Stella and Dot necklace

Love the foldover and grey suede!

Closeup of the sparkles on the tee's pocket.  I can't get enough sparkles lately!

Dec 20, 2010

Christmas is so close!

I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away!  I still have so much to do and there are trips to plan, hotels to book, gifts to wrap, menus to plan... but it is all worth it to see bebe delighted with Santa's gifts especially now that she is finally starting to understand who/what Santa is!

Anyway, this is my latest nail color.  I have started letting bebe pick them out and she picked this NailEZEE color, Lovie Dovie.  

And an OOTD
Vince tee (via T.J. Maxx), Forever21 vest, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Sanctuary pants, Shoedazzle shoes, Stella and Dot necklace

Can't get enough of my furry vest and orange bag lately! And of course bebe had to wear a coordinating orange outfit!

Dec 18, 2010

And the Christmas anti-diet begins

After two months of gorging (all of our birthdays are in October followed by Thanksgiving and then Christmas) I am going to be ready to go on a hardcore diet in January or starting December 26th!  I need to get the will power to do a cleanse!  I have been on a bit of an eating out, sweets, cheese and carbs bender... oops!  On that note, I am whipping up a little dinner tonight for some friends and wanted to share this yummy low fat cheesecake recipe from Bethenny Frankel that I just popped into my oven!

1.5 cups plus 2 tablespoons ground up low fat graham crackers
2 tablespoons melted butter
2 tablespoons apple juice
8 oz. part-skim or light ricotta cheese
8 oz. reduced fat cream cheese
1/3 cup raw sugar
2 tablespoons light soy vanilla milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs

1. Preheat oven to 350. Spray a springform pan with cooking spray and cover the outside tightly with foil
2. Combine cookie crumbs, butter and apple juice in a bowl.  Pat the mixture into the bottom of the pan and press down on it so it is flat and evenly distributed
3.  (I added this in) Bake cookie mixture for 5-10 minutes
4.  In a large bowl (I use my stand mixer for this on medium or high) combine the ricotta, cream cheese, sugar, soy milk, and vanilla extract.  Beat in the eggs until they are fully incorporated.
5.  Put the cake pan into a large roasting pan and fill with water so the cake pan is in a bath about 1 inch deep.
6.  Bake 60 to 70 minutes.
7. Refrigerate for at least an hour and up to overnight.

Fruit Topping
2 cups cherries, pitted and sliced, or strawberries halved
3/4 cup water
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon raw sugar
1/2 cup apple juice

Mix all of the ingredients together in a small nonstick pan and heat over medium-low until the topping begins to thicken slightly.  Serve over the cheesecake before cutting.

Dec 16, 2010


I FINALLY got my camera to sync with my computer so I can update my OOTDs!  My pics are still very classy with a cat litter box and baby gate in the background.

Victoria's Secret top, Banana Republic necklace, Levi's jeans, Steve Madden boots

I'm obsessssssed with these boots. I keep spotting them on other people when I am out and about.  They are a great shade of brown and they go with just about anything.  I am also having a big sleeve moment.  I cannot get enough big sleeves, short, 3/4 or long in my life right now!

What life has been like this past week...

It is finals week and I am SO looking forward to three weeks off between semesters! I also have some work that has piled up and Christmas cards/gift wrapping going on.  This is where I spend the majority of my time....

What does your pre-holidays life look like? Who else is ready for Christmas to get here?!

Dec 15, 2010

Outfits I am loving this week

Michelle Williams looks like a chic fairy in this sweet white dress and gorgeous plum satin pumps.

Totally going to try to re-create Nicky Hilton's lunch outfit.

Reese adds the perfect pop of pink to her LBD!

Dec 11, 2010


A few quick shopping updates!

  • SHORN Cashmere is on HauteLook today!  Email me if you need an invite.
  • 10% off and free shipping at LL Bean.  Email me for coupon.
  • 15% off at Max and Chloe with code DECSAVE
My email is

White Christmas

I am completely loving white dresses with red pumps as a look for this holiday season!  It's so fresh and fun and completely in the winter holiday spirit!  I found these fabulous dresses and red YSL pumps that would go with any of them!

Dec 10, 2010

Friday randomness

Hello hello lovies!  I am so happy it is Friday... that means hubby will watch bebe all weekend while I get my finals finished (hopefully!)  Whoever said going back to school and getting another degree to help your on-hold career thanks to mommyhood, well I have a few choice words for them! J/K.  I have a very love/hate relationship with it.  I love what I am studying and love the direction it can take me and actually feel good about my work.  I hate the fact that it takes me away from time with bebe.  But, as with so many things, it is what it is :)  

So on to my randomness... I love Nicky Hilton's outfit in the picture below.  I just need to figure out how to get my hands on a leather skirt like that and stop eating for a few weeks! 

How adorable is this Lesportsac cosmetic bag?  It also comes in gold and is going straight on my Christmas list!

I am loving this pink Tory Burch wrap bracelet! Of course, I adore anything pink

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