Apr 7, 2010

#10 Happy Hump Day!

I don't know if it is just me, but this week has flown by!  At least I know what day it is today!  Yesterday, I woke up to my blackberry having deleted almost everything on itself and today my computer has completely lost all volume and is making noises which resemble an airplane taking off.  I fear that all the important electronics in my life are on the verge of death.  What to do?!

Did everyone see Reese W.'s Easter outfit at the White House this weekend?  I adore it!  Plain white is a personal fave!  She can do no wrong fashion-wise!
I also found this picture of a dinner party Lauren Conrad was throwing at her home.  I adore her decorating skills!  
How fabby are those chairs?  I did some research and believe almost everything in her dining area shown here is available at Crate and Barrel.  Love, love, love!!

Has anyone been watching High Society?  It's on tonight (Wednesday at 9:30 pm on CW.)  I am up in the air about it.  I love checking out Tinsley's to die for Marchesa frocks, but the other characters give me anxiety.  Let me know your thoughts!

I am off to find a bead store in LA - trying to get back into my jewelry making hobby!  Hope everyone has a fabby day!!



  1. I can't decide about High Society either - I wish they would kick that "crocodile dundee hair" girl off. Plus - not sure if I believe it all since she's so anti-Tinsley and Tinsley is a producer!

  2. Agreed! Her mom freaks me out too.... is she a hired actress?


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