Apr 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day lovies!  Today is all about being green and helping to love our fabby planet!  As you know, we are setting up our online store for a launch later this year.  We plan on featuring made in American planets (save the nasty effects of shipping far), recycled packaging materials, and some eco-friendly goodies.  It may seem trivial, but if we all take a few small steps like this it can have a big impact!

I signed up for this great newsletter from the ladies who brought us Skinny Bitch, a fabulous, all natural, earth-friendly cook/diet book, Healthy Bitch Daily.  It is full of earth-friendly tidbits in a very chic way!

A friend of mine also has a fabulous line of eco-friendly clothing and bracelets which support great causes and are all made in America!  Check them out! TeamProject360.

One of my favorite brand of bags is Matt and Nat.  Visit them at Matt and Nat to shop their line of handbags made from recycle water bottles.  Fabby and environmentally friendly!

Finally, earth-friendly baby toys.... let them go through the recycling and they will be MORE than happy as our bebe usually is :)


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