Apr 30, 2010


Another weekend is here!  It is 80 and sunny out right now which means that I will get the fam all ready for a beach day this weekend and it will be rainy and cold, so cross your fingers!

I recently discovered this interesting new site called Fashion Bay.It is a-maz-ing and I have become addicted to just watching it.  You pay $0.80 per bid you place on an item.  They are mostly luxury items, such as a $200 Gucci gift certificate or a Louis Vuitton bag, and almost every item sells for about 90% less than retail.  They only have a handful of items at a time, so you need to be at your computer and ready for action when an item is about to sell.  You also need to make sure you read how the site works to understand all the rules, such as if you place a bid, it adds 15 minutes to the duration of the auction.  I am currently stalking a few things on there, but have yet to commit to placing any bids!

Finally, le bebe has a nack for destroying any and all of my blackberry covers within a few weeks of purchase (her personal record is one hour.)  Any suggestions on where to get cute pink ones that don't cost $40?  I tried searching the mall, but they had nothing remotely acceptable.

Hope everyone has a fabby weekend!


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