May 19, 2010


Happy hump day!!  I'm full of random what not's today!

First off, Sketchers has announced they will be coming out with leather accessories (wallets, checkbook covers, scrubs, children's apparel.)  I love my Shape Ups but I can all but guarantee I will not be purchasing anything else!

Kelly Preston and John Travolta are preggers with their third baby!  Congrats to them, especially since she is 47 and they tragically lost their son in a freak accident, AND their two small dogs just the other day in a very sad airport accident.

You can now buy/build your own Jersey Shore doll... for $375..... um what?!
That is all I have for today since blogger is not working correctly and won't upload any of my images (except the Jersey Shore doll, go figure!)  Internet/Firefox/Computer and I are in a fight!!!

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