Nov 4, 2010

Beauty Buys

I am a total beauty product junkie and wanted to share my experiences of today with you.  I have been dying to try either the Brazilian Blowout or a Keratin treatment for my pouffy hair but have yet to bite the bullet.  When I heard about the Garnier Sleek and Shine at home treatment for only $12 I though there was no reason why not!  So I spent an hour tonight washing, letting the treatment sit, drying and straightening.  It feels a bit stiff on top, but the bottom half feels soft and looks shiny and longer!  I think it is a great buy for $12!

I also slathered on this Lisa Hoffman Beauty clay mask while my hair treatment was soaking in and was pleasantly surprised.  I hate wussy masks that make no difference to my skin (I usually end up making my own from scratch.)  However, this left my skin feeling tight and a bit red, letting me know it really worked!  An hour later, and my skin is softer and glowing!

I am a happy girl tonight!

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