Dec 23, 2010

Some catching up

I realized I have all of these files sitting on my computer waiting for me to use so I thought I would post a couple of quick outfits, etc!

JCrew cardi and Minnie pants, Banana Republic double belt, Victoria's Secret top, Gucci flats, Stella and Dot necklace; Bebe is wearing a Target dress and sandals

BCBG skirt and sparkle belt, M.Frederic top, Dior shoes

Green nails for the holidays!  

I am obsessed with the sparkle belt that I got from BCBG - I need to take another picture and post it because I cannot get enough of this belt!  Please disregard my nasty wet fro in the top pictures.  I was having a SERIOUSLY bad hair day.  It looks a hot mess in the skirt picture (hubs work holiday party) as well.  I am in need of change for it.  I can't decide if I should go super blonde (ala me pre-bebe) or just die it really dark so I will match the rest of my family members.  Thoughts?  I am currently wearing my nails in NailEZEE's Key Lime Pie.  I am obsessed with their polishes, like step aside OPI and Essie because I have found a new lovah and it is NailEZEE.  You can get their polishes here!

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