Jan 3, 2011

First Monday of 2011!

I cannot believe it is 2011! I just don't get where 2009 and 2010 went!  These last two years have been major blurs and I am hoping this year goes a tad slower so I can realllllly savor it!  I need to work on making resolutions for this year; I have never been able to ever make any for myself that I really believed in and wanted to follow through on so maybe this is it - to really enjoy this year as it goes! 

On a completely side note.... As you all know, I am a Philly girl at heart transplanted in sunny old California and there are so many things I miss about the East Coast, however, there is one or two little things that I crave/miss on practically a daily basis:  hoagies and cheesesteaks.  I know this is a bit fat kid of me to miss but I have no shame in my love of deli meats and cheese.  Luckily, hubby stumbled upon this gloriousness in LA!
It's definitely the little things that matter!  Here's to not starting the New Year on a diet!


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  2. too bad there's not a "like" button on blogspot...i also have to add, i think your "resolution" for this year is quite inspiring and i'll be following it as well!! :)love you!!


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