Feb 28, 2011


My love of the Oscars has nothing to do with movies, or the hosts, or the red carpet interviews.  All I care about is the FASHION!  This year was one of the best, in my opinion, with looks in all colors and styles and no one trend ruling the red carpet.  I wasn't sold on Anne and James as hosts, but the dresses more than made up for it (and the King's Speech winning!)

Some of my favorites...
Selena and Justin = favorite couple of the night

Obsessed with Gwyneth's dress!

One of my favorites by far!

Princess style looks fab on Mandy Moore!

Halle is spectacular in this dreamy gown!

Tied with Mila as one of my top, top looks!

Reese is channeling Julia Roberts 10 years ago with the dress and I love it!

So different from her dress last year, but Sandra still kills it!

Camila's gown is so big compared to others, but the simple cut and color balance it out.  And her date isn't half bad either!

Gwyneth continues to impress later in the night in this amazing dress - my #1 of the night!

Feb 27, 2011


Katie Cassidy is mixing in some mauvey/pink with her outfit and shutting it down! How fun would this look be for a night out?

Stephanie Pratt is rocking some pale pink with green, blue and grey accents.  I would say stick to one accent color, but love the dress!

Camilla Belle is someone who is rarely badly dressed.  Her look here makes me want a leather blazer stat!

Only Eva Longoria could make sparkly harem pants work!  Single life does her wardrobe well!

And finally, Reese rocking a chic pale pink sweater, perfect for the spring weather that is hopefully right around the corner!

Feb 24, 2011

Sooooo close to Friday!

One more day and it is Friday and then the hubs is home and I can get so much more work done!  I never thought that would be what I looked forward to on the weekend!  On another note, I have been giving my credit card a bit too much of a workout lately so I have mucho outfit posts coming (oops!) and beauty posts.  If you live in LA then you probably know Naimie's, a beauty supply store and oh is it my happy place!  It makes Sephora look like the minor leagues.  I'm not going to post just how much I got/spent in case my loving husband is reading this ;) but I tried out this bad boy today and I am in lurve!
It's so easy it is ridonc.  It comes with a six (or three if you're hardcore, meaning two times per week) week supply with two wipes for each use.  You wipe on the first bit, let it sit (cook) for 10 minutes then wipe it off with the second pad, wash and moisturize and go on your soft, tight-skinned way.  I love me some glycolic peels and since Natura Bisse is not in my budget (or free like when I had my hookup) this is a very satisfying replacement for $60.  If you see it, buy it!

I threw on this (skintight from the waist down apparently) ensemble yesterday to run errands.  I am digging my $30 ShoeDazzle shoes for this month.  I also may have gone on a bit of an Anthro bender which included this top...

Gap cropped jeggings, ShoeDazzle pumps, Splendid top, big fatty Nordy's pearls

Please excuse our 1980's tv, workout bike and my gnarly shoe closethotmess.  Our bedroom is in a sad state of affairs and I need to get my booty moving on finding a bed and a more this century television.  Recommendations?

Feb 23, 2011


Sorry I have bene so MIA this week.  Blogger and I have in a fight and apparently it is winning because it is all kinds of wacked up for me right now.  Same goes for our internet currently.  It's definitely a love/hate relationship right now!  

I'm mildly obsessed with LC's birthday party look here.  Girlfriend rocks the top of head bun like no one else.  It makes me want to grow my hair and do it!
I think every girl needs a Chanel purse cake at some point in their life, no?

I'm also digging Carrie Underwood's casz lunch style (she was up in the Valley too!)

Feb 19, 2011

Something Borrowed

I adore Emily Griffen's novels, but my two favorites by far are Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I can't wait for the movie version of Something Borrowed to come out this spring! Check out the trailer!

Feb 18, 2011


Kourtney Kardashian looks fabu in this pale pink dress and feather necklace (red lips do not go in my opinion.) Classy and a tiny bit edgy all at once.  Love it!

Feb 15, 2011

Valentine's Outfit

Hi loves!  I managed to FINALLY rock my white blazer last night for our date night, and this red dress from Target that has been taking up space in my closet.  And omgeee I love me some ShoeDazzle shoes... inexpensive and a fun treat each month.  I can wear them a couple of times and not feel guilty donated them not long after.  I also think that I may be over my whole love of turquoise and red look after this.  Please ignore my creepy faces/odd looking stomach in this picture.  Hubby took this and I think he gets a thrill out of making me look like a full on creeper....
Looking cross-eyed here...

Target (some weird Brooklyn collection) dress, Limited blazer, Stella and Dot necklace, Chanel bag, ShoeDazzle pumps

Feb 14, 2011

Grammy winner...

By far, my favorite of the night.  Selena Gomez is so young AND stylish!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 11, 2011


Hi loves!  Here are my two fave PINKspirations this week!

Love Cameron's pale pink pants and casual tee and blazer combo!

A pop of pink (in a Balenciaga bag!) make neutrals shine!

Feb 10, 2011

And we're back!

Sorry for the lack of posts... bebe and I came down with food poisoning/illness/yuckiness/busy-ness!  I thought I'd share a fun outfit to make up for it!

I got this Joie dress at for 70% off.  Steal!  Botkier bag (super sale on Amazon) and Cathy Jean shoes (again, super sale)

Clearly, the heels didn't make it very long!

Btw, Verizon iPhone = pure happiness!  It's so nice to be back on the iPhone (RIP Blackberry, you will NOT be missed!)

Feb 8, 2011

Stella and Dot Spring 2011

Hi lovies!

In case you don't know, I am a Stella and Dot stylist... so I thought I would share some of my favorite Spring/Summer 2011 pieces with you!
Birds of Paradise necklace

La Coco necklace

Olivia Necklace

Paige enamel bangle

Soiree studs

Get yours here or email me!

Feb 7, 2011

Tiffany Bags

I have been a Tiffany's girl since middle school when my parents gave me my first piece of jewelry from there.  I have amassed quite a bit of loot of the years (and have lost way too much of it to reveal - oops!)  I was so excited when I discovered that the iconic brand had begun making their very own handbag line!  Here are some of my favorites....

The tote is reversible to silver!  It is priced at $595 and the clutches and other bags are pretty pricey, but a girl can dream, right?

Feb 4, 2011


Jenny McCarthy is this week's PINKspiration (thanks Sarah for coming up with this!)  Her floppy, hot pink beach hat is so fabby!  It reminded me of the one Bethenny wore on her honeymoon on her show Bethenny Getting Married?

Jenny McCarthy via PopSugar

Bethenny Frankel via Bethenny Getting Married?

You can shop for them at I'm thinking of snagging one before vacation!

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