Feb 24, 2011

Sooooo close to Friday!

One more day and it is Friday and then the hubs is home and I can get so much more work done!  I never thought that would be what I looked forward to on the weekend!  On another note, I have been giving my credit card a bit too much of a workout lately so I have mucho outfit posts coming (oops!) and beauty posts.  If you live in LA then you probably know Naimie's, a beauty supply store and oh is it my happy place!  It makes Sephora look like the minor leagues.  I'm not going to post just how much I got/spent in case my loving husband is reading this ;) but I tried out this bad boy today and I am in lurve!
It's so easy it is ridonc.  It comes with a six (or three if you're hardcore, meaning two times per week) week supply with two wipes for each use.  You wipe on the first bit, let it sit (cook) for 10 minutes then wipe it off with the second pad, wash and moisturize and go on your soft, tight-skinned way.  I love me some glycolic peels and since Natura Bisse is not in my budget (or free like when I had my hookup) this is a very satisfying replacement for $60.  If you see it, buy it!

I threw on this (skintight from the waist down apparently) ensemble yesterday to run errands.  I am digging my $30 ShoeDazzle shoes for this month.  I also may have gone on a bit of an Anthro bender which included this top...

Gap cropped jeggings, ShoeDazzle pumps, Splendid top, big fatty Nordy's pearls

Please excuse our 1980's tv, workout bike and my gnarly shoe closethotmess.  Our bedroom is in a sad state of affairs and I need to get my booty moving on finding a bed and a more this century television.  Recommendations?

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  1. Really like this look on you and that angle stripped sweater top is FABULOUS!!!

    LIesl :)


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