Mar 7, 2011

Manic Monday!

This Monday was so panic-inducing it required Sunday evening Skinnygirl Margaritas (not sure if they actually managed to help me today though!)  I am cramming in papers and studying and projects like a crazy lady while trying to juggle a whole lotta other things!  It is days like these that I wish I lived next door to a Starbucks (although a ride to the drive through Bucky's does help put little ones to sleep!)  I desperately need a mani/pedi (I can't begin to describe the horror) but this is what I was previously wearing and loving courtesy of Erin!
OPI's La-Paz-itively Hot

I can't get enough hot pink nail polish in my life.  Here is a recent outfit... it is at the end of the day when I snapped this so don't judge my wrinkliness, I had been carrying a toddler all day!

Pale pink (you can't tell) Anthro top, Gap cropped khakis, JCrew belt, Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes

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