Mar 18, 2011

Shop for Japan

The tragedy in Japan has definitely been an eye opener for us all, particularly in California where we woke up at 5 am last week to tsunami warnings and have been dealing with the potential after-effects all week (luckily, it's mostly rumors.)  But we must keep moving on and doing what we can to help.  Sometimes shopping is one great way to help, as there are so many charitable purchases that can be made.  Here are some simple things you can do to help:

Shop online at Forever 21 TODAY!  All online sales proceeds will go toward helping Japan disaster relief efforts.  Shop here!

Ashley Brooke Designs, who designed our fabulous blog header, is selling a special postcard for Japan relief that you can get here!

There are numerous charities available to help, including the Red Cross.  Send all of your good thoughts to Japan as they rebuild from this horrible event!

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