Mar 26, 2011

Wild weekend...

I mean that pretty sarcastically.  Every time bebe so much as sneezes, I manage to get a sinus infection or major cold.  I need to seriously up my vitamin intake!  Aside from a sick bebe and me I had my email hacked tonight and was in a panic that le blog was gone!  Phew!!  Post anxiety, I thought I would share my first try at gel nail polish that I got earlier this week! I was a little shocked by the price (22 dollars extra?) and think I just went to the wrong place, but three days in and no wear and tear makes me happy!


I used the OPI Oxium brand (they had two other brands to choose from including Shellac) and went with Indi-a Mood for Love.  

Is everyone else as excited as I am about Reese's wedding this weekend? I can't wait to see pictures!


Hey Lauren Rene
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