Apr 16, 2011

Grey days

Grey is one of my favorite colors to compliment with pinks.  I use it on my blog, it was one of my wedding colors, and it has been making its way into my wardrobe as a neutral on a regular basis lately.  Here is something I threw on rushing out the door to get to bebe's gym class.  It shows how grey is great when you're in a rush!

Shirt: Random boutique in Santa Monica
Tank: JCrew
Jeans:  AG
Shoes:  Steve Madden girl
Bag:  Louis Vuitton Speedy
Earrings:  Jennifer Miller (I love her jewelery!)

There are plenty of days where I drag around until I am hustling out the door and throw on whatever I can grab fastest.  I am just saying, for me, grey is an easy way to grab and go!

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