Apr 6, 2011

Rosie Pope

Did you all watch Pregnant in Heels last night?  I have seen some of Rosie Pope's maternity designs in the past couple of years and she has AMAZING things if you have the budget and are preggers!  Her show did not disappoint (me at least!)  Granted, there are very few Bravo shows I am not easily hooked on, but the people on her show are some serious characters!  I love watching cray cray in action - it makes me feel better about myself! Either way, I found it catchy and Rosie to be sweet and relatable, and a BRILLIANT businesswoman and entrepreneur (something I aspire to be!)  

I found this amazing diaper bag/clutch on Rosie's store site.  Next time I am preggo I will be splurging on this!  It is genius!  A clutch that holds multiple diapers! And a bottle! And wipes! And YOUR things!  

This definitely appeals to my mommyness!


Hey Lauren Rene
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