May 23, 2011

The Itch...

Every year I get this urge to drastically change my hair.  My hair used to grow soooo fast so I would grow it all year and then chop off seven inches to a bob.  And it would magically grow back!  I tried that last year.... it doesn't grow as fast these days so no chopping pour moi!  Then I caught blonderexia and would go through stages where I had to have my hair is blonde as humanely possible.  Then I would want to darken it.  It's an itch!  

I'm starting to dislike my hair color the last few weeks.  A few years ago, when I was pregnant and thought I needed to darken up so I wasn't dying my hair so much, my stylist "accidentally" dyed all my hair the darkest it has ever been.  Looking back at pictures, I kinda like it.  Now it's the itch to go super dark.... What do I do??   I can't get my pics from Facebook with super blonde and dark boo, but here is my reference point....

I'm sorta thinking along the color of Ashley Tisdale's hair.... thoughts?

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