May 15, 2011


I don't know about you all, but I feel semi-naked without my nails painted and while I try to do mine and bebe's myself (to save money and since she likes hers done daily) I still love to get my bi-weekly or monthly mani/pedi's.  I also obsessively try to find the cheapest deals I can.  I have two go-to places in LA, one costs $20 for both and the other is $23.  The $23 place gives the BEST pedicure ever.  I have tried several other places since and no one does it quite like they do!  Bebe and I got ours done when we were in Captiva, and while we loved our color choices, it was so overpriced, rushed and didn't even last three days. Big fat boo!

Shorts Story

In the Spotlight Pink

Feelin Hot, Hot, Hot with sparkles on top

All colors are OPI... since these didn't last long we moved on to this...

I didn't choose this color ;)

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