Jun 17, 2011

Friday Fun

Sometimes I do things that I just find creepy.  I ordered a book about Kate Middleton after bebe and I devoted a morning to watching the super awesome Lifetime movie, William and Kate.  I creep myself out.  

On another note, I decided to stick with the blonde hair... for now.  My hairstylist seems to think me having my natural hair color would be most unacceptable for my "look."  I'm pretty sure I should feel sort of insulted here.

Anyway, here is a recent outfit I wore.  I told you all I went batsh*t crazy with the Calypso St. Barth's for Target collection.  I can't seem to wrangle bebe into any of the super cute rompers I got for her though, grr!

Dress: Calypso for Target
Shoes: Lilly Pulitzer flippies

Anyway, lots to do for this weekend. It's graduation AND Father's Day! Happy weekend all!


  1. Your outfit is just beautiful and I love the color of your dress! I remember when that Calypso line launched at Target...that was the one dress I really wanted, but could never find! You look lovely!

    Liesl :)

  2. P.S. However, I see it is now back in stock online! :)

  3. Thank you! You should def get! Comfy and easy!! xoxoxo


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