Jun 22, 2011


So I am packing up for a month of traveling again... It's been one month on, one month off and July is an ON month! I am working on putting together my own packing tutorial.  I feel the need to share this with the world because:
 1. I have been traveling like a crazy person since my first post-college job 
2. I have mastered the art of packing as efficiently as humanly possible, especially when packing for two or three people in one bag 
3. I'm straight up cray-cray OCD (you will see)  
4. because it is one of those weird sources of pride in my life.  Never told you all I wasn't borderline wacko!

Anyway... to brighten up your day, you are going to want to click this: Vanilla Ice Real Estate.  Trust me friends, you want to.

Finally, I want to share a few of my recent inspiration/pinkspiration pics!

Selena Gomez is my teenage girl crush.  I force bebe to watch Wizards of Waverly Place. No shame.  Is it odd that the kid who plays her brother is the "celeb" we see the most in LA? This kid is EVERYWHERE.

I girl crush on Olivia hard.  She is the epitome of Upper East Side chic.  Bow down to the queen.

Cute and caszh, like the pop of orange in a bag (not the actual bag though... or those shoes....)

Love me some bebe bumps and neutrals with a delicious pop of PINK from her scarf!

Saw Super 8 this weekend and Elle Fanning is amazeballs for her age and she is fierceness in this pink on pink on pink ensemble!

Oh Carrie, you are as cute as a button in your navy jumpsuit.

Finally, my homegirl Bethenny works the maxi and white tee (I'm going to re-create this look) with a yummy pop of pink in her toocuteforwordsIjustwanttoeatherup bebe's outfit!

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