Jun 16, 2011


So now that I am focusing on building a business once more (after a year plus hiatus. Nice.)  I am trying to decide where best to form a business.  Obviously, we live in California, the land of taxes and liens.  I am a PA girl at heart and know all the virtues of living close to Delaware, the tax-free land of shopping glory! This is my first big step.  Decide and conquer!

On another note, I have held off from shopping for 7 weeks.  7. Long. Weeks.  I've started getting the shakes and throwing everything in my closet into bags designated for Goodwill.  This week, however, I unleashed my inner demons (?) and MAYYYYBE added a few little things to my wardrobe.  Summer IS coming after all....

T-Bags dress

Foley&Corinna top

I got these little beauties on Gilt this morning when I realized I had an un-used credit.  I got both for $34 including shipping! Happy dance!

I haven't bought a new bag in wayyyy too long and while I am seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on a new Chanel one of these days, I think I should stick to something a little more budget-friendly.  I have been dying for either the perfect white bag or the perfect leopard bag.  I can't find the white bag. Can't.  Help! But I did spot this little Rebecca Minkoff beauty...

Covet Bag

Is it too businessy?  It's the first one to really catch my eye and I love, love RM bags!  They take a beating and keep on going!  

Tory Burch thong

And then there is THIS sandal.  When I was pregnant I had this in black and dark brown and they were the ONLY shoes I could fit my swollen dogs into.  A couple weeks ago I spotted them in this tan color at Nordstrom and decided not to get them.  Then I couldn't stop thinking about them.  I think it might be time to do the deed.  I love all things tan and these babies deserve a good home!

Now I am going to find something else to do that does NOT involve a mall.  I gotta be good ;)

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