Jun 20, 2011

This Weekend...

It was a full weekend at our house! First, Saturday was my graduation (which I ended up skipping) and Sunday was Father's Day!  I feel like we spent the entire weekend EATING and I think these pictures might support that...

Super yummy Barefoot Contessa Shrimp Scampi (with whole wheat pasta) from cookbook my bff gave me!

I tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects in a glittery pink.  SO much easier the second time!

I did way too many face masks this weekend.  It's only appropriate to make a creeper face when doing one.  I am addicted.

Someone had their first donut! And it was PINK!

I forgot how good combos were! Wish I didn't remember :)

Bebe loves noodles! Watching her eat them is a treat in itself!

My SIL gave bebe these Lilly animal crackers which we proceeded to finish off way too quickly! Yum!

How was YOUR weekend?


  1. Shrimp scamp looks delish!
    Sun and fun at the beach...ahhhh!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. The shrimp dish looks delish! Glad you are loving your cookbook. Next time, you can make it for me :)


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