Jun 14, 2011

Wedding Shower

This weekend I went to a wedding shower for one of my girlfriends from college.  She was so surprised and it was so much fun!! Bebe had a blast helping her open presents and making new friends!  You all know that I am obsessed with blue and white stripes so I decided to re-wear my H&M stripe dress (it's real life here, I re-wear.  A lot.)  

Dress: H&M
Necklace:  Target
Shows: Gap

Such an inexpensive outfit! The total for the three pieces is $110!  It has taken me a few years, but I have learned to shop on a budget!  I am obsessed with nude flats right now and these Gap ones are super comfy and match so much!

On ANOTHER note, today was a MAJOR day for me! I FINALLY after two long years finished my post-grad degree at FIDM!  My last final has been taken and my last (65 page) paper turned in!  I blew it on one test and won't be getting straight A's again (sad face.... nerd face) but the amount of relief I feel far outweighs this!  This means that I can focus on the reason I started this blog a little over a year ago... starting my own online store! I am going to take a couple weeks off to relax, clean and organize our house, spend some much needed QT with bebe and friends, and travel!  Then it is hard at work making this happen!!


  1. Super cute outfit and I love the necklace with it! Congrats on finishing your grad degree at FIDM!!!

    Liesl :)


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