Jul 25, 2011

Hair Catastrophe

This past Friday I had my own personal hair catastrophe.  I'm not even being dramatic, it was a full-on hair nightmare....

I had thought about going darker for a long time and decided it would be best to just do a darker blonde with some subtle highlights; something that would be more natural for my hair and its natural (if there is one) color.  So I called up the salon I used to go to in high school to find my girl had left, but made an appointment with someone else they highly recommended for color.  After getting there and being a little taken aback by her appearance and her constant need for assistance from one of the other color specialists she seemed confident enough for me to give her the benefit of the doubt.  It started out like this:

She was all up in my business so I had to sneak a peak of my NEON YELLOW hair.  That is when the bad feelings started.... several hours and two more coats of dye later, this is what I left with:

Bebe looked at me and said "mommy you a skunk."  No truer words were spoken.  Nowhere is there dark brown nor is there any subtle highlights.  If I weren't preggo there would have been some xanax and wine involved to get me through the night.

I managed to get an appointment at another salon where they were able to fix it and this is what I left with:

Please note the somber face since I had just spent about three months of hair budget to get what I never wanted in the first place.

Lesson learned:  Just because you have been there before doesn't mean you will get the same thing. What's your hair horror story?


  1. OH Mercy! You look gorgeous now though!
    I decided to color my hair myself ... once. It broke off by the handfull! It was a nightmare! I had to have it cut so short they had to use clippers on the back to shave it! UGH! Nightmare!
    Have a PRETTY day with your pretty hair !

  2. Oh no! That's scary!!!! Hair stuff is the worst isn't it?!



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