Jul 9, 2011


I heard Last Friday Night like ten times today and my head is just the "T-G-I-F" chant and I'm not going to lie, I kind of like it... This means we have only a few days left to pack and let me tell you, moving is a BI***! I have done it so many times, but this time is the worst of the worst! It seems like all car and home movers have gotten a whole lot worse and more expensive in the last few years! 

Sorry to go off on that tangent...

I need a pink suitcase, btw.  I travel more than I realize and I think pink would be MUCH easier to spot on the baggage claim!

Sorry, I need moving/packing distractions!

On another note, I have been trying to stay stylish with this growing belly! It seemed a lot easier the first time, probably because I was wearing work clothes and not able to throw on sweats like a bum (I'm realllly trying to break the habit.)  Also, the first time around I was able to hide that bump for a good five months, this time it was about five hours before people started asking.

Tips?  Anyone?

Here's what I had done recently before pulling the trigger on some stretchy waistband bottoms....

Top: Calypso for Target
Pants: AG (with a belly band)
Shoes:  Gap
Bracelets: Stella and Dot

Top:  Gap
Skirt: H&M ($5!)
Shoes:  Miss Trish of Capri for Target
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Earrings: Stella and Dot

Happy Weekend :)

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