Aug 26, 2011

Hurricane Prep

Everytime I move, I feel like there is some sort of crazy disaster which reinforces my need to NOT MOVE AGAIN!  When I first moved to California, there were crazy evacuations and a week off from work for massive fires.  Now that we have moved back to the East Coast we first get hit with an earthquake (no big deal after being in Cali for so long luckily) and then a whopper of a hurricane.  Irene has left everyone scrambling and frantic.  I spent the entire day today shopping in preparation.  First, I fueled up all the cars then headed to the grocery store.  My bff told me they had run out of milk a few hours earlier (crazy times here people) and the sight of the parking lot made me head straight for Whole Foods.  I stocked up on healthy, non-perishable food (even though we spent ALL of Thursday hunting down the last generator in the area to keep the fridge going and some other stuff.)  Exhibit A:
Fruit that needs to ripen.  I couldn't think of anything healthier, although A has been trying to get into the bananas!

Never tried this or soy milk in a box before... Interested to see if it tastes different.

A TEENY sampling of the snacks I got.  Apparently meals are out, snacks are in!

After Whole Foods, I headed to Target.  They were totally out of cases of water and batteries. FANTASTIC.  They were practically out of candles so I mainly was able to get Glade ones and oodles of apple juice for A.  And plenty of puppy food!
(They also had adorable kids jackets and clothes for fall right now!)

I'm legit worried this isn't enough candles.  Paranoia much?

Luckily, we hit up Costco for beverages the day before.  I'm not that worried we will run out...
You can't even see the other two cases of water and Gatorade under there.

And that sums up my craziness.  Don't judge, pregnancy makes me extra anxious! Stay dry loves!

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