Aug 29, 2011

Oh Irene...

This was a pretty eventful weekend after all!  We have been staying at my parent's house while we wait for the purchase of the house we are buying to go through so we were all there, plus my parents (obviously.)  After spending two days shopping for all things in case power went out plus a generator and wood to block flooding, etc. as well as moving plants, furniture, cars, etc. to avoid wind damage we thought we could relax a bit Saturday night.  Nope.  First there were the tornado warnings, a dog that needed to go to the bathroom a lot (leaving you soaking every time), and an antsy toddler (thank goodness for dress up and fun aunts!)  We managed to keep power the whole time (thank goodness!) but late night the flooding started.  My poor dad and hubby were up the entire night trying to get the water out, but the floor is all ruined.  We managed to move all the rugs and furniture in time and they kept the water low enough to avoid damaging the walls.  We were still really lucky by the looks of things on the news though!! Here are a few pics to sum it all up...
Sleeping on the job

One of many performances to entertain us all!

Sick of getting our picture taken

More performing!

Dress up time!

Ready for a rainy walk!

Poor wet puppy!

Snuggled up to dry

Hope everyone stayed dry and safe :)


  1. Oh my goodness...she is adorable and I just love how she dressed up in different looks! Glad Irene didn't do too much damage, but I am sure it was a sleepless weekend with lots going on in the midst of it all! Good luck with the purchase of your first exciting, and I'm sure it will go through!

    Liesl :)

  2. Thank you!!!! Thinking of you with all your amazing wedding prep!!! xoxo


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