Aug 31, 2011

Pink and Green!

I never hide my love of mixing pink and green of all shades.  I also have no shame when it comes to making A dress in semi-matching outfits.  Isn't that half the point of having children? Although she may look back and resent me greatly, I go ahead and do it... Case in point, we decided (yes, together) to throw together some casual summer pink and green outfits for moving stuff around and doing slave/manual labor at my parents' house.  Here is the end result (pardon my ridiculous faces... I never claimed to be a model nor do I strive to be one!) 
Green stripes with pink corduroy, why not?

Shorts: Target
Necklace: JCrew

Yes, I am large in charge. Only going to get bigger.  Makes for some real purty pictures... sorry all :)

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