Sep 29, 2011

Beauty of the Week: Glycolic Peels

The first time I was preggo (three years ago!) I became addicted to glycolic peels.  I think I got lucky the first time and my skin got really good during pregnancy and the peels just added to it.  On a side note - this time not so lucky.  My derm told me I could use some lasering on my face post-baby (WTF!)  Anywho, I quickly became addicted to masks and peels in particular, mostly because it gives you the same effects of a facial for a lot less money and in the comfort of your home.  And, if you're like me, you can way overuse the products (try not to! it can have reverse effects!)

This was my product of choice three years ago due to my lovely Neiman Marcus work discount...

I am pretty obsessed with Natura Bisse anything.  Their products are phenom and they always seem to have such intelligent and friendly people working for their brand!  Clearly, the $245 price tag on this is much more significant than when it was more like free so I have moved on. (sad face)

I have been using some cheapie beta hydroxy/glycolic things I got a Kohl's purely because they cost $30. I have been using them twice a week and they are ok.  No major effects from them and I couldn't find them anywhere online to show you all.  So I am on the hunt for something better.

I recently tried these Trish McEvoy beta hydroxy pads.  They're supposed to be used only twice a week (I tried to get the girl to say I could use them more but she said no!) and are under $100 I think.  I didn't get them, but I am thinking about it since my skin felt noticeably smoother after one usage.

I have been doing some research online and these products all look pretty interesting:

Looks intense... sign me up!

Found these on a random site online, they start at only $30 and move up in price with intensity

I love Kate Somerville products, they are just a little pricier

Seems small but might be worth a shot.

Happy peeling!

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