Sep 16, 2011

Beauty: Trish McEvoy Planner

I have said it before and I will say it again.... I am OBSESSED with Trish McEvoy.  It has been my go-to makeup and perfume (and skincare from time to time) brand for years.  Their perfumes all smell so heavenly and unique and they tend to not retired makeup colors so something you loved five years ago will still be on hand today.  Most importantly, they sell their makeup in a planner system.  Just like your everyday planner.  They come with magnetic pages that their make up (concealers, eye shadows, blushes) can stick to and come with mini mesh bags inside to hold extras.  Anything that can't fit into a magnetic page is made small enough to not add bulk to the extra holding spaces in your planner.  Finally, they make fabulous, sturdy makeup brushes (these things last FOREVER, especially if you take care of them) that are made compact enough to fit in the back of the planner!  

My mom, Aves and I hit up Neiman Marcus for their Beauty Event last week so I could introduce her to the Trish line.  We had great makeovers and both started new planners (a small one with handles for her, and the massive size - now discontinued but pages still available - pour moi!)
Section in the back for the brushes and the amazing brushes!

The front of the planner and the perfect mini foundation, eye base and lip gloss!

The back bottom page.  This is a credit card sized to-go set my bff got me hooked on!

Front of the planner

What the pages look like (I also stuck some of my magnetic Chantecaille shadows in there)

Eye shadows and blushes/bronzers

It is every OCD or organizational freak (like me)'s dream!

Happy Friday :)

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