Sep 6, 2011

Labor Day

Hop everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! I cannot believe the summer is already over... didn't it JUST start?!  We spent our last weekend at the shore and running around like crazy people getting things done, just the usual.  After we finally crashed in bed at midnight last night (to be up at 5:30) I realized I need to start planning a vacay! I just need to find some time and I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon!! At least the Rachel Zoe Project starts tonight!

My little lady played her last round of her favorite boardwalk game (she is a skilled player)

And rode her last kiddie ride...

Meanwhile, the puppy was sick (again) and needed a shopping trip to help her feel better!

Poor puppy :(

But she felt much better after a little beach trip!

Yes, I know it's ridic how much I spoil my dog, but look at that face?!

How was your labor day??

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