Sep 8, 2011


I hate buying sneakers.  I, obviously, always want pink ones and no one ever seems to have the cute ones in my size.  During college I rocked Puma's and New Balances daily but thankfully that phase is over! The closest thing to casual ones that I have worn lately are Tom's (sparkly silver ones of course) but when I hit up DSW yesterday I went a little bonkers but I managed to keep it to two pairs.  There were pink shoes EVERYWHERE and luckily I needed do running shoes.

I got these because my dogs are always barking after five minutes on them, even in flip flops.  I guess it had to happen some day... (also please ignore nasty cankle-inducing shot. I proms they don't look this band in real life.. YET!)

Who doesn't want a shot of hot pink in their workout gear?  I am more motivated to work out when I have cute outfits/sneakers and these will definitely motivate me!

Best part?  Both pairs were under $45 each!  I have managed to rack up some serious DSW points in the last few days!

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