Sep 13, 2011

Target Tuesday

So today was the massive Missoni for Target launch which I have been waiting for with bated breath since MAY.  I hit the online site starting at 7 am and couldn't get on until 3ish only to have my cart constantly cleared then everything I wanted to be sold out.  I made it to one store so far today and there were about five things left total.  All in XL.  I am usually a massive Target fan but this was so hyped up and they were so underprepared for the rush of customers.  To make matters worse, items are ALREADY up on Ebay for THREE times the store prices.  Epic fail Target, EPIC FASHION FAIL.

Anyway.... on another note, I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite Stella and Dot pieces for this fall! Obvi hit me up if you're interested in anything!

Leona Pendant Necklace
This is nice and long... great for layering or wearing alone! Can't wait to wear post-preggo (long necklaces just don't work with a bump unfortch)

Graceful Nomad Necklace
This has been getting a lot of play in my wardrobe lately since I am wearing so many basics.  It's a great way to add a fun pop to white or pink!

And a random outfit (yes I'm still wearing white after Labor Day... sue me)

Fierce modeling right there.

Top: Gap
Shorts: Old Navy maternity (rolled up... apparently only long shorts are sold for preggos)
Necklace: "Borrowed" from mom's closet...
Bag:  Coach Chelsea bag

I never thought I'd be buying another Coach bag again but got this on a whim.  It matches tons AND they sent me about a 1/4 of the price back in a gift card for no reason!

Did any of you find any Missoni at Target?


  1. yeah, I went to target aroun 11 and it was all gone except for maybe 4 pieces all in xs or xl. BIG MAJOR FAILURE!!!!!! I just bought that Stella and Dot!!!!

  2. So glad!!! It's so fun! I'm so mad at Target!!

  3. You are looking adorable preggers and I am loving that bag and how perfect for Fall!

    Liesl :)


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