Sep 2, 2011

This Week...

A little Friday randomness about this past week...

-My little lady has been a bit of a mess lately with all the changes of moving, missing her daddy while he is away at work all week, and missing her CA life so I have been trying to distract her with arts and crafts.  Little gf has been VERY into making jewelry... she loves her accessories!

-To cheer her up we got a new pair of silver, sparkly Tom's.  Clearly retail therapy begins at far too young of an age!

 -My pink Bfrend bracelet came! I love it!!  Go here to order yours!

 -I have been a MomAgenda loyalist but decided to switch it up and try the Erin Condren planner that was all the rage on Twitter (plus a Plum District coupon basically making it half off didn't hurt) and I am loving it! I am way too OCD about organizing things and this feeds into my nuttiness and I dig it!

 -I'm always trying to find things to do when I watch TV at night to relax because I can't sit still so I dug out my super old jewelry stuff and made this guy the other night.  If you can't find it to buy it, make it!

I can't believe it is Labor Day weekend already! This summer literally flew by! I think it was just June, right?!  This will be our first fall in a long time so I am trying to wrap my brain around all of this!! Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend :)

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