Sep 9, 2011

What I'm Loving...

Some of my favorite things (real and imagined?) from this past week...

Gap leopard denim leggings in grey and white.  Let's hope they are still available in January! Have I ever mentioned I love leopard? No?

Michael Kors gold link bracelet.  I am on a perpetual search for the perfect chunky gold bracelet.  I think this might satisfy that need...

The perfect non-sheer Shellac polish.  And I forgot to check the name or really even look at the bottle.  Need to get on that stat!

I have been stalking pumpkin spice pancakes every chance I get.  I need to get on a recipe for these immediately because they are heaven in your stomach!
...and I have been hitting up Starbucks to continue my pumpkin spice fix.  Fall is full of mine, hubby and bebe's birthday's, perfect weather, football AND baseball... and most importantly, pumpkin spice.  I have a sick, sick addiction to it!

Happy weekend :)

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