Oct 31, 2011

Snow in... October?

I had so many fun Halloween post ideas but they all got tossed aside scratched for a recap of this past weekend.  First off, everyone say happy birthday to my hubby! He is turning 31 on the 31st (aka today!) We had to celebrate this weekend and all of our plans got scrapped thanks to the SNOW IN OCTOBER.  We had originally planned to head down the shore and have a yummy dinner and some fun in AC.  Then we realized we weren't driving anywhere on Saturday so we moved it to downtown Philly.  Then the roads got worse and we ended up eating right by my parents' house.  He did still get his awesome monster cake! We wish he were here to celebrate with tonight!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to snow falling.  I felt the need to keep track of it in pictures (see below) since we haven't been on the East Coast for a snowstorm in a looooong time (and now I remember why!) and it was Avery's first big snow!  She seemed pretty cold and at first but got used to, however not the same for the puppy princess (or moi!)

We were without power and chilly but luckily power is back on and it is melting and starting to warm up!  Happy Halloween lovies! Be safe and enjoy your night!

Oct 28, 2011

Inspiration: The White Edition

My jaw hit the floor and I cried big California-missing tears yesterday when I pulled up the weather and saw this nonsense:
Snowflakes?! Ya heard right! I do NOT feel good about this! My first (completely natural I think) reaction was to get on Piperlime and order a faux-fur leopard jacket to keep warm in.  I think that might ease the pain.

All this thought of snow made me think it was a good time to start talking about "winter whites."  Yep.  That's how I roll. Winter Whites people.  It doesn't stop at Labor Day with me.  I believe in white ALL.YEAR.ROUND.  Who's with me?  Here are some sassy celebs rocking white to get us all inspired:

White Dresses

White Shirts

White Winner
LC always nails it. White with paillettes and nude accessories.  This is the way to go! (or with black. Let's not forget that year-long pairing!) Stay warm this weekend lovelies!

Oct 27, 2011

Fall Recipe: Corn Chowder

As soon as fall hits I become a soup-aholic.  I crave soup when it starts to rain or get the least bit chilly.  If I avoided some of the fattier ones it would definitely be a good diet trick!  I found this recipe online and ended up tweaking it after a few tries to my own liking. This corn chowder recipe is one of my favorites because it is full of potatoes and bacon, yum!

Corn Chowder
1/2 pound bacon
1 medium white onion, diced
2 tablespoons butter
salt and pepper to taste
1 can corn, cream style
1 can whole kernel corn
4 cups chicken brother
2 cups milk
6 small red potatoes, cubed
2 tablespoons flour

1. Fry bacon in pan until done.  Set aside. When cool, crumble.
2. In a large pot stir in cream corn, kernel corn, butter, and broth.  Add potatoes.  Cook for 15 minutes.
3. Mix flour with a few teaspoons of water to form a paste.
4.  Add milk and flour paste to pot.  Simmer for 30 minutes.  Add salt, pepper and bacon.

Please note that this picture does NOT do it justice.  I just snapped it with my iPhone.  I PROMISE it tastes better than it looks here!

Oct 26, 2011

Fall Looks

I have been missing my clothes so much lately I decided to spend way too much time on Polyvore putting together a few looks I would be wearing right now if I could...

Look 1
Pink Fall 2011

Look 2
Fall Look #2

Look 3
Fall Look #3

Soon I will be reunited with all of my clothes I am missing!  Not in time for fall, but I can wish, right? What are your favorite looks for fall?

Oct 25, 2011

Les Bebes

I can't believe I am only 28 weeks pregnant.  I woke up this morning and thought I was 62 weeks preggo.  It's pretty possible... 
Told ya.

Anyway, I realize how much I need to get my shiz together and get all the baby gear we need.  I am going to try hold off on buying clothes and use what gender-neutral things we have, but we had to get rid of so much stuff in our move that it's like we are starting over with all of the crap gear we need!  I basically have a nursing pillow without covers, a swing and boppy lounger I just ordered on sale at Target (I tried to shop the baby sale again, but *SHOCKER* their site was down again and woofing at me.)  And of course, the blanket, swaddle set and playmate I got last week.  Things like cribs and bassinets apparently aren't taking priority... Here is what I got most recently:

New yellow canopy for the stroller. Nice and neutral.

Bouncer (with a matching swing)

I spent some time trolling around on Babies 'R Us (even though I pretty much hate them) and found these things that I think we will definitely be bringing home in the not-so-distant future...
We won't have a closet in the bebe's room so I am hunting down the perfect armoire and this one isn't half drawers, which is exactly what I am looking for!

Practically the only bassinet I could find without a weird design or pattern all over it.  Still is a bit frilly if it's a boy?

Need this crib. Enough said.

I'm on a massive polka dot kick right now.  I need to stock up on these covers in green and yellow!

Bugaboo standing board to attach to the stroller for Miss A.  Girlfriend is NOT going to be happy losing her seat to someone new!

Anything you love or recommend for babies?  I know I have done this all before but there are no Right Starts out here and my semi-hatred of Babies 'R Us is not helping my shopping!

Oct 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

I love fall weekends, how about you all?  This weekend was a perfect one with chilly but not quite freezing weather (as in sweaters and vests still enough to keep you warm) with leaves everywhere and no blinding sunshine.  I love getting ready for Halloween (it's even more fun when you have a little one) followed by Thanksgiving! This is the one season I truly missed living in California.  Winter, however, can suck it!  

This weekend we hit up Linvilla Orchards (again) and braved the massive amounts of people (truly anxiety-inducing), carved some pumpkins, helped my parents bust out the Halloween decor (they go ALL out.  I'm a bit embarrassed...) got our nails did, played with some serious fall fashions and had a dance party or two.  I, as usual, felt the need to capture it all on my iPhone...

Left: Avery's nails (an OPI shade with fancy art) and Right: Mine (OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark)

Black furry vest, styling boots and some pink leopard print. Heck yes!

A dash of pink and white polka dot shades makes it EVEN better!

Of course, having a butterfly on your face really pulls a look together!

Someone has the Sunday blues (poor puppy!)

Avery's new favorite toys/dance party audience. Not creepy at all...

How was your fall weekend?

Oct 21, 2011

HomeGoods Haul

I can't believe I am saying this, but I have only been into a HomeGoods once before yesterday.  Yesterday was trip #2 and since this was a PA one, not the janky California one (it was the only one if the area and was grossly picked over) it had SOOOOO much more to offer.  Sorry to my poor husband because I just discovered a discount slice of shopping happiness!  I feel like I picked up so many goodies for under $100!  I literally had a cart full, even though I went in looking for dishes (I was unsuccessful there.)  I thought I would share some of my haul minus the Christmas gifts that may or may not have been procured during said outing...

We obviously need tons of new stuff for our new house (I'll give updates on THAT in a later post.) How perf is this to hang by the door and toss mail into? It looks so shabby chic!

I get oddly excited over holder/dispenser combos.  This little guy (pink sponge included) did not disappoint.

Bebe loves to make people use coasters.  She has issues with rings on the table so I let her pick these little guys out (under $5!)

I may or may not have broken the dog's treat holder opening it the first time so it needed a replacement.  She needs love too!

And continuing on that streak... how adorable are these poo bags?!  They came to $1 a roll which is a steal compared to what they charge for them at Petco and Target!  I also got the matching holder for her leash.

I didn't get this but this Juicy Couture leash was too cute not to snap a pic of! It looks so Lilly!

And then I discovered the baby/children's section...
Comfortable and gender neutral (I realized we only own pink blankets.  Pity this baby if it's a boy.)

Needed a new playmate but didn't feel like forking over $99 for a fancy shmancy one.  This does the trick and converts! Only $15!

Saw this EXACT. SAME. SET. at Target the other night.  This was 75% less.  It includes a velcro swaddled, snuggle toy and sleep sack.  These little guys cost more individually than the whole set was!

Have I ever mentioned that I love a bargain?  Do you love HomeGoods? If you are a mom I HIGHLY recommend!!

Happy weekend loves!

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