Oct 17, 2011

Birthday Party Recap

I know you are all sick of hearing about a 3 year old's birthday, but I'm her mom and I just can't stop!  We threw Avery a small birthday party this weekend (99% grownup's) and I wanted to share some pictures!  I baked up a storm on Friday to make lactose-free treats (cookies and cream cupcakes and cake balls as favors) and had drinks, apps, cake and present-opening on Saturday!

My little helper making cupcakes (and sampling some)

Cake ball maker - best purchase ever! From Bed, Bath and Beyond and with a coupon, only $15! Made the process much less messy!

Setting up drinks...

Party outfit!

It ended up being a relaxing and fun time! I think the little lady enjoyed seeing everyone the most followed by presents and cake!  I love baking and have a serious printables addiction now!

How was your weekend?

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