Oct 21, 2011

HomeGoods Haul

I can't believe I am saying this, but I have only been into a HomeGoods once before yesterday.  Yesterday was trip #2 and since this was a PA one, not the janky California one (it was the only one if the area and was grossly picked over) it had SOOOOO much more to offer.  Sorry to my poor husband because I just discovered a discount slice of shopping happiness!  I feel like I picked up so many goodies for under $100!  I literally had a cart full, even though I went in looking for dishes (I was unsuccessful there.)  I thought I would share some of my haul minus the Christmas gifts that may or may not have been procured during said outing...

We obviously need tons of new stuff for our new house (I'll give updates on THAT in a later post.) How perf is this to hang by the door and toss mail into? It looks so shabby chic!

I get oddly excited over holder/dispenser combos.  This little guy (pink sponge included) did not disappoint.

Bebe loves to make people use coasters.  She has issues with rings on the table so I let her pick these little guys out (under $5!)

I may or may not have broken the dog's treat holder opening it the first time so it needed a replacement.  She needs love too!

And continuing on that streak... how adorable are these poo bags?!  They came to $1 a roll which is a steal compared to what they charge for them at Petco and Target!  I also got the matching holder for her leash.

I didn't get this but this Juicy Couture leash was too cute not to snap a pic of! It looks so Lilly!

And then I discovered the baby/children's section...
Comfortable and gender neutral (I realized we only own pink blankets.  Pity this baby if it's a boy.)

Needed a new playmate but didn't feel like forking over $99 for a fancy shmancy one.  This does the trick and converts! Only $15!

Saw this EXACT. SAME. SET. at Target the other night.  This was 75% less.  It includes a velcro swaddled, snuggle toy and sleep sack.  These little guys cost more individually than the whole set was!

Have I ever mentioned that I love a bargain?  Do you love HomeGoods? If you are a mom I HIGHLY recommend!!

Happy weekend loves!

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  1. I love home goods type fun and I could spend hours looking around, especially at the nicer, bigger ones! Great finds!

    Liesl :)


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