Oct 25, 2011

Les Bebes

I can't believe I am only 28 weeks pregnant.  I woke up this morning and thought I was 62 weeks preggo.  It's pretty possible... 
Told ya.

Anyway, I realize how much I need to get my shiz together and get all the baby gear we need.  I am going to try hold off on buying clothes and use what gender-neutral things we have, but we had to get rid of so much stuff in our move that it's like we are starting over with all of the crap gear we need!  I basically have a nursing pillow without covers, a swing and boppy lounger I just ordered on sale at Target (I tried to shop the baby sale again, but *SHOCKER* their site was down again and woofing at me.)  And of course, the blanket, swaddle set and playmate I got last week.  Things like cribs and bassinets apparently aren't taking priority... Here is what I got most recently:

New yellow canopy for the stroller. Nice and neutral.

Bouncer (with a matching swing)

I spent some time trolling around on Babies 'R Us (even though I pretty much hate them) and found these things that I think we will definitely be bringing home in the not-so-distant future...
We won't have a closet in the bebe's room so I am hunting down the perfect armoire and this one isn't half drawers, which is exactly what I am looking for!

Practically the only bassinet I could find without a weird design or pattern all over it.  Still is a bit frilly if it's a boy?

Need this crib. Enough said.

I'm on a massive polka dot kick right now.  I need to stock up on these covers in green and yellow!

Bugaboo standing board to attach to the stroller for Miss A.  Girlfriend is NOT going to be happy losing her seat to someone new!

Anything you love or recommend for babies?  I know I have done this all before but there are no Right Starts out here and my semi-hatred of Babies 'R Us is not helping my shopping!


  1. ay yay yay! thanks for the pic - it is so nice to see you!!!
    let me know when you have a registry signed up.


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