Oct 13, 2011

Reading List

Help! My reading list is basically complete and I am in need of some new books to add to it!  Here is everything I read this summer/recently:

This was ok... a little stressful though!


Not my favorite and apparently it is being made into a TV show...

One of my new favorite books.  Can't wait to see the movie! (I know, I am so behind!)

Loved/Hated.  So good but emotional! WON'T be watching this movie! I'd cry way too much!

This is what I am currently reading:
I love any book by Lauren Weisberger and this one hasn't disappointed so far!

Any recommendations? I'm clearly into chick-lit (after years of school reading up to this past summer my brain needs a break!) and any and all recommendations are welcome!

1 comment:

  1. this one is fun. about Brooklyn moms and their strollers!
    also have you ever read LITTLE CHILDREN by Tom Perotta, he wrote Election, I think. Both chick litty :-) I'll think of more.


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