Oct 31, 2011

Snow in... October?

I had so many fun Halloween post ideas but they all got tossed aside scratched for a recap of this past weekend.  First off, everyone say happy birthday to my hubby! He is turning 31 on the 31st (aka today!) We had to celebrate this weekend and all of our plans got scrapped thanks to the SNOW IN OCTOBER.  We had originally planned to head down the shore and have a yummy dinner and some fun in AC.  Then we realized we weren't driving anywhere on Saturday so we moved it to downtown Philly.  Then the roads got worse and we ended up eating right by my parents' house.  He did still get his awesome monster cake! We wish he were here to celebrate with tonight!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to snow falling.  I felt the need to keep track of it in pictures (see below) since we haven't been on the East Coast for a snowstorm in a looooong time (and now I remember why!) and it was Avery's first big snow!  She seemed pretty cold and at first but got used to, however not the same for the puppy princess (or moi!)

We were without power and chilly but luckily power is back on and it is melting and starting to warm up!  Happy Halloween lovies! Be safe and enjoy your night!


  1. My parents are still without power and were telling me all about the storm and snow...crazy! Love your daughters snow chic look...adorable! Happy, Happy Birthday to your hubby too!!!

    Liesl :)

  2. I hope they get power back soon! It has been such a mess!! I can't wait for you to be back to blogging!!


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