Oct 5, 2011

Target Shoe Shopping

Oh Target... what a love/hate relationship I am coming to have with you...  Did you all get the email from Target about buy one get one 50% off shoes the other day?  I did and decided to do some online browsing (shopping) because Target shoes are already so low priced that an extra 50% off makes them even more enticing - especially when you're pregnant and have rapidly changing foot sizes!

Here are my favorite finds:

After spending way too much time putting items in my shopping cart (there were some baby and kids' things that were non-shoe related that went in there too!) I click on my cart to find it empy! JUST LIKE WHEN MISSONI LAUNCHED.  Not only were the out of stock in the majority of their shoes, the stupid shopping cart wouldn't work! I reloaded the baby and childrens' items and tried again.  No luck.  What is going on here Target?  Are we headed for a bad breakup?

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