Oct 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

Here is a slightly late weekend recap thanks to a nice new, DRY computer (and yes, I am still sad about my old one!)

We were grabbing a couple of things in Bed, Bath and Beyond and I thought this was hilarious! Who rides on a cart like this?

Fall weather means it is finally time to bust out the puffy vests!

Someone saw a blue ring in last month's InStyle mag just like one she already owned (and no, it wasn't me...)

Chanel glossimer lip gloss.  I am torn on whether or not I like it.  It makes me lips look kind of cheesy and it really dries them out.

A quick outfit (clearly... look at all the nonsense behind me!) I finally busted out the Missoni for Target cardigan.  It runs really big and that makes me verrrrry happy right now!  Ok, who has the newest MacBook Pro because there are somethings that are vurrrry different on this one and I feel like a little lost puppy again... I mean where is my scroll bar?! Help!

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