Oct 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

I love fall weekends, how about you all?  This weekend was a perfect one with chilly but not quite freezing weather (as in sweaters and vests still enough to keep you warm) with leaves everywhere and no blinding sunshine.  I love getting ready for Halloween (it's even more fun when you have a little one) followed by Thanksgiving! This is the one season I truly missed living in California.  Winter, however, can suck it!  

This weekend we hit up Linvilla Orchards (again) and braved the massive amounts of people (truly anxiety-inducing), carved some pumpkins, helped my parents bust out the Halloween decor (they go ALL out.  I'm a bit embarrassed...) got our nails did, played with some serious fall fashions and had a dance party or two.  I, as usual, felt the need to capture it all on my iPhone...

Left: Avery's nails (an OPI shade with fancy art) and Right: Mine (OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark)

Black furry vest, styling boots and some pink leopard print. Heck yes!

A dash of pink and white polka dot shades makes it EVEN better!

Of course, having a butterfly on your face really pulls a look together!

Someone has the Sunday blues (poor puppy!)

Avery's new favorite toys/dance party audience. Not creepy at all...

How was your fall weekend?

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