Nov 15, 2011

Baby Update

I'm 76 weeks pregnant.  Or... somewhere between 31 and 34 according to my doctor.  I have been telling them since the beginning that I thought I was further along and have been shot down until this past week, when (shocker) it felt and measured furthered along.  So who knows when this baby will be coming but 
the sooner the better right?

This is me now...
I'm at the point where I just gross myself out.  Nothing fits, my feet are huge and I wouldn't mind sleeping all day (if I could sleep at all.)  The joys are being preggo!

However, the fun part does mean decorating a nursery!  Although we won't be doing this until after the baby is born due to me being superstitious and probably not having enough time, I have been researching.  Here are my favorite (gender neutral options):

 I am really torn between using a lot of white or white and tans with greens or a greyish/blue.  What are your thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. Look at you and your cute baby bump! Loving your baby neutral nursery options those calming, welcoming colors!

    Liesl :)


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