Nov 23, 2011

DIY: Ribbon Wreath

I have been on such a wreath kick lately - must be the holidays!  I googled how to make a ribbon wreath thinking I could make one full of prettily tied bows but after some reading, shopping, and actually getting down to it, it became more of a serious of knots.  This is a hodge podge of pinterest and blogs and not my own creation so I promise not to take credit for it! However, this was super easy to do and I was very happy with the finished product!

Supplies: I got the smallest wire frame wreath they sold at Michaels and 8 rolls of ribbon (wireless) in four different patterns but all the same pink shade.  I ended up having to go get one more roll of each, so I recommend 12 rolls total.

This was the hardest part! Cutting the ribbon into pieces! Mine were about 5 inches in length (with some longer and shorter since I eyeballed it.)

 Finally, just tie away! I tried to keep mine in a bit of a pattern, but I think no consistency is really necessary to make it look good!

Only a few steps and it was done! The tying took a while, but I did it at night while I was catching up on the DVR and could have finished it in one night but I ran out of ribbon.
 The finished wreath! I need to go back and trim up some of the ends, but I was happy with how it turned out on my first try!

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