Nov 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

It feels like this year was our first real Halloween! It is just a more celebrated holiday on the East Coast than on the West (or at least in LA.)  We have never had trick or treaters or even really been able to take Avery trick or treating.  She was a little unsure at first but definitely got the hang of it after a couple of houses.  Since daddy had to be at work (on his birthday - BOO) we hit the houses with Grandpa and Maggie.  We she scored lots of goodies and we she was on a sugar high all night (that luckily ended in a big crash for us her!)

 A little pre-Halloween fun!

The cutest pink superhero around!

 My little ladies in their costumes!

 Someone was NOT in the mood to get her picture taken, but she did an excellent job of guarding the candy and barking like a psycho at every trick or treater!

 Hitting the houses...

 Wiped out!

In other major Halloween news... Jessica Simpson announced she is pregnant.  Shut the front door.  Coulda had me fooled! (let's start bringing "PSYCH" back right about now)

And Kim Kardashian is divorcing that Kris guy after 72 hours days of marriage.  Maybe you shouldn't marry someone with the same name as your mom.  I'm just saying... but I was totally loving Nick Lachey on Live yesterday!
 How was your Halloween?

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