Nov 3, 2011

Preggo Wear

Let me preface this with an apology about my complaining about getting dressed while pregnant.  It was much easier the first time when I never needed winter clothes and I was significantly smaller all around.  Plus, a nice work discount didn't hurt.  I was able to go up in size in a lot of regular clothes the first time and didn't have to purchase a lot of maternity clothes.  I have something morally against buying maternity clothes.  First of all, the pants just don't fit.  No matter what.  It can be your spot-on exact size and you will still be hiking those bad boys up all day long.  Add to the fact that you can only wear these clothes (which really aren't cheap if your only option is A Pea in the Pod) for a few months due to your ever changing figure.  Rawrrrr.  Excuse me while I move on...

Therefore I have a uniform... plain shirt (sweaters make me itch), jeans or the one other pair of pants I have, and flats.  Maybe throw in a scarf and definitely one big accessory...

 Obsessed with this infinity scarf from Shorn Cashmere.  You NEED this!

Woof.  Don't judge me or my foul picture-taking skills.

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