Nov 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

We spent this weekend at Home Depot and planning our move (finally!) after we close on our house this week (fingers crossed!)  It was also a fashion show for Avery, as always...

We also got our nails done (after I experimented with some pink and pink sparkles)
These lasted all of four hours before she wanted them re-done again... high maintenance!  I used a pink Sally Hansen quick dry polish on her and I really liked it! It only needed one coat and didn't dry clumpy or streaky!

I went with Essie's Lady Like and this is definitely one of my new favorite colors.  It looks much more gray here but it has a rose tint to it which I love!

And yes, my dog loves Monday mornings.  It's the least grumpy she is in the morning any day of the week!  

I hope it's a good week!


  1. Ohhh I must get that Essie color, LOVE!! Looks like y'all had fun.... your daughter reminds me of my mini me when she was little! So cute!!!

    Polka dot sweater on your dog, I am dying & loving it! TOO CUTE!


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