Nov 30, 2011

What's in the bag?

I recently acquired a new love... my Alexander Wang Rocco bag (after months of indecision then waiting for the color I wanted from Neiman Marcus.)  We have been having a pretty sordid love affair the last several weeks.  The gorgeous navy blue shade and top handles as well as adjustable shoulder strap (over the shoulder or messenger style!) makes it a great mommy bag and it matches basically everything!

My hubby managed to get blue paint on it this weekend but it came right off - phew! (see evidence in above photo.)  I highly recommend this bag!  Great alternative to the LV Speedy!

Anyway... I decided I needed to switch it up to a different bag today and dumped everything out. I was shocked at all of the random things I had acquired in the past month and decided to snap a pic.
I know it's dark (iPhone style) but I used to have such a neat handbag with everything organized nicely into little bags.  My Prada bag has some makeup, earbuds, medicines and the little red bow bag has some Trish McEvoy makeup.  I always have baby wipes with me (there are about 10,000 uses for these), my wallet, some lip gloss, Aquaphor and a pen.  However, here are the random things which have me scratching my head...
  • My husband's extra car keys.  I NEVER drive his car. Ever.
  • Multiple boxes of crayons from restaurants.  I don't take crayons from restaurants but I think I know who does...
  • A lollipop. Again, not mine. May or may not be used (gross!)
  • Toe separators.  Avery LOVES these. I just hope they didn't come from the trash at the nail salon.
  • Sunscreen.  Pretty sure this had been left in the beach bag...
  • Multiple kids' lipgloss
My little lady happily admitted to grabbing random things and "packing" them into my purse at pretty much opportunity she can get.  Cracks me up!  Lesson learned: if I am missing something my little sticky fingers probably tossed them into my bag!

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  1. Too cute! "Sticky Fingers" Its funny how your bag seems to acquire so many different things over a period of time... even when you don't have a little one helping it along :p
    Bella xo

  2. Oh how I love these posts, but what I love even more is your bag, now that is FABULOUS!!! The lollipop comment cracks me up!

    Liesl :)


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